October’s H&V News looks at the impacts of a recent surge in gas prices and wider supply chain disruption on the HVAC sector

The latest edition of H&V News can now be read online.

This month’s issue considers how concerns about the price of gas and energy have turbocharged industry debate about the current progress on the electrification of heat and efforts to ensure more efficient and better insulated homes.

Beyond the challenges posed by higher energy prices, the magazine also reports on supply chain issues that specialists working across the HVAC sector warn could continue to disrupt their ability to meet strong demand potentially into 2022.

Also covered in the magazine is the industry response to new WHO guidelines on air quality standards.

Although the new Global Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs) are not legally binding, they are expected to inform national environmental policy and laws that will in turn increase pressure for more effective management of indoor air quality and ventilation systems.

You can also find a breakdown of the winners and other highly commended entries at the 2021 Energy Awards in a special brochure included within the magazine.

You can read the issue here.


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