ClimateWorks Australia is holding a webinar on Tuesday, November 23 about how infrastructure can help deliver net zero after COP26.

ClimateWorks Australia says infrastructure influences around 70 per cent of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. With pressure mounting from the private sector and public stakeholders to fulfil the net zero ambition, how can Australia adapt infrastructure planning to enable this?

An expert panel will discuss the future of infrastructure in Australia, and what needs to change in order to meet the net zero emissions targets.

Professor John Thwaites will lead the session, accompanied by a panel that includes:

  • Romilly Madew, Chief Executive Officer for Infrastructure Australia
  • Henri Blas, Chief Content Officer, Global Infrastructure Hub
  • Margot Delafoulhouze, Cities System Lead for ClimateWorks Australia.

The webinar will focus on solutions to achieving net zero emissions, and the role of strategic partnerships to prepare the infrastructure sector for the level of commitment expected from COP26.

It will begin at 4.30pm AEDT on November 23 and is free to attend. For more information and to register, please click here.


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