US HVAC manufacturer Pinnacle Climate Technologies has bought the assets of Pura Air Purification, a manufacturer of indoor air quality technology

Pinnacle owns a number of brands including Stanley heaters and Schaefer fans.

Pura Air products will be rebranded as part of the company’s Schaefer portfolio and will be assembled in the US at Pinnacle’s factory in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

Ron Ten Berge, chief executive of Pinnacle said: “The Covid-19 virus has made the importance of safe and clean indoor air a global priority. Improving indoor air quality is one of the most effective ways to address airborne health risks present in buildings today, including Covid-19. Acquiring Pura Air’s assets allows us to expand our products and expertise into the IAQ)market and deliver solutions that make indoor air safer for everyone.”

The US market alone for indoor air quality products is expected to grow to nearly $10 billion by 2025, the company said and acquiring Pura Air’s assets fits into what it called a ‘70+ year strategy to design and deliver innovative climate technology solutions for residential and commercial spaces.’

Feisal Nasser, chief executive of Pura Air added: “Air purifiers are a cost-effective way to make high-traffic, high-risk indoor areas safer and more comfortable without requiring complex building retrofits. We have engineered solutions that use science-based, proven applications to eliminate risks in the air we breathe at home, in schools, offices, and other building environments. We are confident that Pinnacle will be able to take the foundation we built to the next level.”

Pura Air has been focused on developing, manufacturing, and distributing both fixed and standalone medical-grade air purifiers to remediate and protect against infectious and non-infectious airborne particulates. The technology is designed to integrate seamlessly into an interior space; to increase the air-changes per hour without modifications to the existing HVAC system; and to remove and sterilise 99.99 per cent of viruses, the company said.



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