Task Force Z is inviting professionals in the built environment to join its network of change-makers driving sustainable and zero energy homes at scale.

The networking initiative has spun off from work funded by the NSW government and the National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP), which has been delivered as industry-facing projects through the South Australian Department of Energy and Mining since 2019.

“Task Force Z is about action and reimagining how we design, build and sell our homes,” says the group. “By working together with the right knowledge, skills, motivation, products and services we can make creating light, airy, healthy, comfortable places to live (and work) that don’t cost the Earth the new normal.”

The network allows professionals to get involved in projects, make business connections with others who want to drive demand for more sustainable housing in Australia, and showcase products, services, and initiatives.

“This is not meant to be a passive network,” says Task Force Z. “It is about designing, building and selling sustainable homes at scale. So make sure you get involved, join a conversation, or share your knowledge.”

Task Force Z is promoting the release of Renovate or Rebuild TV series and helping to build the community around the program. It is also sharing 12 three-minute, conversation-starter “edutainment videos” that the SA and NSW government worked on last year with Blue Tribe Co to give builders energy-efficiency ideas when talking to homebuilder clients. One will be released each week for the next 12 weeks.

Net Zero Energy-Ready builder training modules are being developed now, for delivery between May and June 2022. These are aligned with the Task Force Z initiative and will contain the same key energy-efficiency themes into the material. This skill training initiative is funded by NEPP through the SA Department of Energy and Mining.

The SA Department of Energy and Mining is also piloting the associated “Selling Better – harnessing the competitive advantage of energy efficient homes” course, as two one-hour webinars for energy-smart builders, during November this year before it goes online as a fee-paying CPD course in 2022. Those interested in accessing this training for free in 2021 can contact their builder member organisation or Sabina Douglas-Hill: Sabina.Douglas-Hill@sa.gov.au

For more information about Task Force Z, including how to join, click here.


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