Reliable Controls has introduced a new generation of building controllers with the launch of the RC-FLEXair advanced VAV controller. The freely programmable RC-FLEXair is a BACnet building controller designed for a wide range of variable air volume and room control applications. According to the company, it is the culmination of two years and tens of thousands of hours of research and development.

Reliable Controls VP of Research and Development James Puritch says he had lofty goals when he began developing the new family of products. Not only did he want to complement the existing line of building controls—the MACH-Pro family—but he also wanted to create a solid foundation for the company’s next decade of hardware.

“The RC-FLEXair is the first of our RC-FLEX products, all built around dual Ethernet connection architecture and multicore processors,” says Puritch. “We’ve taken our 30-plus years of technology and embedded it into this new hardware and firmware platform. The RC-FLEXair is highly performant for today’s building automation system needs and built to accommodate tomorrow’s advancements.”

The RC-FLEXair features a new modular architecture with an open source, Linux-based operating system designed to lay the groundwork for faster development of new products in the future by streamlining engineering and manufacturing and improving efficiency. The new product also has a high-performance multicore processor, additional nonvolatile memory, and dual Ethernet connectivity.

“We are absolutely delighted to see the first of the RC-FLEX family products shipping into the field,” says Reliable Controls president Tom Zaban. “It takes more than just a green building certification to create a sustainable building. The RC-FLEX family delivers a critical component of a scalable and secure control system that will help people to stand at the helm of sustainability by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment for the long term.”

Reliable Controls says it rigorously engineers its products to be backward compatible with all previous-generation controllers, minimise their impact on the environment, and provide years of dependable service. The RC-FLEXair – like all the company’s products – is manufactured from highly recyclable materials in an ISO 2015:9001– and 2015:14001–certified facility and complies with RoHS 3, WEEE, and R2 directives to ensure easy, clean disposal at the end of its useful life.

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