This month’s magazine looks at industry concerns in delivering affordable, sustainable heat to homes and other buildings, while also considering the need to improve IAQ nationally

March’s H&V News focuses on the vital issue of ensuring more sustainable heating systems that are viable from both a technical and economic standpoint, particularly with energy costs set to surge during 2022.

With the planned increase of the UK’s energy price cap from April set to see significant increases in average heat bills, HVAC trade bodies and specialists are calling for much more drastic support to improve the efficiency of homes.  This proposed support includes calls to more extensively subsidise insulation and other efficiency improvements, while introducing lower carbon heat technologies to limit national demand for fossil fuels.

Energy efficiency as a theme is a major focus of the issue’s news and features, which also look at warnings within a report from parliament’s Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee. The report stated that existing government plans to decarbonise domestic heat are insufficient to meet the country’s net zero target/

There is also an in-depth look at a white paper from industry body BEAMA that demands that any strategies focused on improving domestic energy efficiency also ensure sufficient ventilation is in place to address concerns about indoor air quality. The issue of IAQ has become increasingly pertinent in the public eye as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

March’s H&V News also breaks down some of the main headlines this month from our recently launched Heat Pump Insight service. This brings together coverage from across both H&V News and RAC Magazine about key developments in plans to rapidly expand heat pump use across the UK over the course of this decade in order to replace natural gas boilers.

You can read the issue in full here.



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