This month’s magazine looks ahead at what could be a significant period of change for the HVAC sector up to 2023 with major legislative and technical changes imminent

June 2022 will see amendments to the Building Regs that will set much stricter requirements around energy performance, ventilation and the installation of lower carbon heat systems.

The upcoming amendments are covered in February’s digital edition of H&V News that looks at a series of potentially seismic series of changes to building standards and heat policy that are expected over the next two years. This could include could a decision being taken to start blending hydrogen at a volume of up to 20 per cent into the UK gas grid.

We know with some certainty that the new Building Regs commitments will come into effect from 15 June 2022 with the aim that domestic CO2 emissions from homes will be reduced by up to 30 per cent compared to the current standards.  However, a decision as to what extent hydrogen will be used in heating homes, if at all, is still several years away as the government awaits feedback from a series of live trials and testing projects.

This month’s issue also considers claims from heating specialists such as Baxi that the industry will be ready to support hydrogen blending from next year as part of wider support for moving the industry away from natural gas.

Another focus of the issue is the initial findings of BEIS’ Electrification of Heat demonstration project that has concluded that heat pump systems are suitable for the decarbonisation of all types of UK buildings.

We also break down the latest technology launches of the month including higher temperature heat pumps and automated building controls.

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