An Australian aged care provider recently engaged Panasonic to trial its nanoe X air purification technology in two facilities in Albury and Wodonga. According to Panasonic, the resulting air quality analysis highlights the impact of such solutions in indoor living environments in Australia.

The nanoe X technology is designed to provide 24-hour purification acts and neutralise harmful indoor pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), allergens, bacteria, mould and viruses, and reduce odours, creating a fresher and healthier living environment.

Australian indoor air quality (IAQ) specialist Bell Laboratories conducted a detailed air quality analysis of the facilities, collecting samples from multiple locations within each facility before the installation of the nanoe X systems, and again two months later. It was found that odours were reduced by approximately 45 per cent and VOCs were reduced by approximately 50 per cent.

Mechanical services firm Air Everywhere integrated the nanoe X air purification technology in Panasonic’s new ceiling cassette air conditioning systems.

“Aged care providers see the importance of investing in solutions that deliver real improvements and increased comfort for their staff and residents,” says Air Everywhere Director Andrew Barnes. “However, until Panasonic launched nanoe X, these types of solutions were scarce. We are finding the nanoe X solution to be very versatile with the complete air conditioning and air purification package, all the way down to the plug and play solutions.”

Panasonic notes that Australians are spending more time inside than ever before, making indoor air quality a growing priority.

“With VOCs remaining a common pollutant in all indoor settings – released by everything from general building materials, through to cleaning chemicals – Panasonic’s nanoe X technology plays an important part in neutralising common hazardous and harmful substances at particle sizes as small as PM2.5,” says the company.

The technology also comes with industry recognition from the National Asthma Council Australia’s community program, Sensitive Choice, as an air purifying solution suitable for those with asthma or allergies.

Panasonic’s nanoe X technology is available in a broad range of air conditioning products to suit both residential and commercial applications, as well as a standalone retrofit solution.

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