Panasonic Australia has launched a new range of air conditioners with wi-fi and air purification features. The reverse-cycle, wall-mounted split systems have been designed to deliver comfort and peace of mind by integrating the company’s latest air conditioning technology.

“The premium Z Series Reverse Cycle R32 Wall Split Systems seamlessly integrate ‘smart home’ features in the form of in-built wi-fi and voice control,” says Panasonic, “delivering further convenience and flexibility for customers.”

Users can adjust temperature, monitor energy consumption and change modes from a mobile device via the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App. The Z Series models also include Panasonic’s nanoeX air purification technology, designed to inhibit common indoor pollutants, from viruses to allergens.

“The air purification capability of nanoeX actively cleans the air and surfaces within a room,” says Panasonic. “It uses OH radicals encapsulated in water to inhibit micro-organisms – including 99 per cent of bacteria and viruses, as well as inhibiting mould, allergens and pollen and reducing odours. It can be operated even when cooling or heating is not switched on.”

According to Panasonic, the Z Series units deliver improvements to energy efficiency, reducing users’ environmental footprint with the AI-powered ECO mode. The mode auto-adjusts to the optimal ECO level based on heat load conditions and air conditioning cooling capacity. An inverter control feature also varies the rotation speed of the compressor for higher energy savings.

“Panasonic is always searching for opportunities to deliver certainty, convenience and flexibility to Australian customers,” says Joe De Bella, Panasonic’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Air Conditioning. “And this is demonstrated through our latest suite of Z Series solutions.

“We know that Australians demand heating and cooling solutions that enhance comfort and efficiency in their homes, while placing sustainability and cleanliness at front of mind. Our new Z Series Premium Reverse Cycle R32 Wall Split System range implements our latest ‘smart home’ features. It also upholds our promise to deliver reliable air purification capabilities that can keep Australians healthier and safer in indoor environments.”

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