Panasonic has released a floor-standing air purifier, featuring the company’s trade-marked nanoeX technology.

“Creating a safe space for Australians in their homes, the purifier filters unwanted pollutants coming into the home,” says Panasonic, adding that the device reduces unwanted contaminants lingering inside to provide “optimal indoor air quality”.

“With the average person breathing in 18kg of air every day, air is an essential part of our lives,” the company says, perhaps somewhat obviously. “Employing its innovative features, the new range purifies the air with nanoeX, which actively cleans the air in the room, impacting upon airborne and surface impurities. OH radicals encapsulated in water neutralise micro-organisms and pollutants – inhibiting up to 99 per cent of bacteria, viruses, mould and allergens, both airborne and on surfaces, as well as reducing odours.”

The air purifier boasts a range of features, including HEPA composite filter, de-formaldehyde technology, particulate matter indicator, a well as everything from a brightness sensor to childproof lock.

“Australians are now more conscious than ever about what they’re breathing into their bodies,” says Panasonic Product Marketing Manager Ginger Yu. “With our air purifier, they can create an atmosphere that feels clean and is clean. At Panasonic, our goal is to help make our customers’ lives easier while always maintaining the highest quality in all our products.”

Panasonic says the unit’s rounded “superellipse” design has a small footprint, making it an attractive and discreet addition to the modern home.

“Style and functionality intersect in Panasonic’s newest air purifier to enhance any space it’s in,” the company says. “Suitable for rooms of up to 95m2, it’s perfect for any room within the house.”

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