Access is now available to three HVAC&R eLearning modules and various other free resources through the ASHRAE-UNEP Portal.

The Refrigerants Literacy module offers a basic understanding about refrigerants types, policies, classifications and management practices. It is aimed at non specialists in the field, such as facility managers, policy makers, and other individuals who are involved in refrigerant issues from a non-technical perspective. It can also serve as an introduction to refrigerant basics for those new to the industry.

The Sound Management of Refrigerants module reviews best practices for key environmental issues, ASHRAE standards, and refrigerant terminology for air conditioning and refrigeration specialists. Topics covered include principles of refrigerant recovery, recycling, and reclaiming, as well as lubricants, their properties and applications, including compatibility issues with various refrigerants. The course embraces safe handling, service, and installation of refrigeration equipment utilising modern refrigerants. It also provides introduction to refrigerant management programs, certification schemes and relevant policies and regulations.

These two modules can be accessed using the code “Ozonaction&ashrae1”.

Finally, the Energy Efficiency Literacy for Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems module is designed to educate developing country policy makers, business leaders, and community stakeholders about the benefits of air conditioning and refrigeration, the scientific principles involved, and factors that contribute to maximum energy efficiency.

This module can be accessed using the code “Ashrae&unepeel1”.

The ASHRAE-UNEP portal also offers a university course. Access to this course is via an online registration form.

As well as the learning materials, the portal contains the lower GWP awards, the current ASHRAE and UN Environment OzonAction Workplan, news and events, and other resources.

To access the portal, click here.


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