The NSW government is proposing increases to BASIX thermal performance and energy standards, beginning in late 2022.

The government says the work is being done “to build more comfortable homes, cut energy costs and contribute to the state’s target of net zero homes by 2050”. This aligns with the Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings, the national plan to achieve zero energy and carbon-ready buildings.

BASIX, or building sustainability index, is a NSW government planning measure to reduce household electricity and water use by setting minimum sustainability targets for new and renovated homes. BASIX identifies design features that will affect the likely level of thermal comfort and water and energy use per household such as location, building size, orientation and construction type, landscaping and fixtures. It sets minimum targets that must be achieved before a BASIX certificate can be generated, and then submitted as part of a development application or application for complying development.

The proposed BASIX thermal performance and energy standards will vary depending on location (based on climate) and building type for apartment buildings.

The NSW government is inviting feedback on the proposed increases to BASIX standards. The proposed changes can be found in the Proposed BASIX Higher Standards document.

The BASIX merit assessment pathway and materials index are on exhibition as part of the Design and Place SEPP.

Both the BASIX higher standards and the Design and Place SEPP consultations close on February 28, 2022.

For more information and to provide feedback, click here.


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