Optergy has announced the launch of a new wireless wall sensor range: Optergy Air. The first product available in the range is the Optergy Air Wireless Temperature and Humidity (BW-TH) wall sensor.

The Optergy Air product range will detect and read an array of environmental metrics, and is suitable for offices, schools and other commercial applications.

“Long gone are the days of dealing with wires and countless hours of training to set up a wall sensor,” says Optergy. “With these battery-powered wireless sensors, it is easy to install without compromising on look, performance and reliability.”

Optergy says accuracy and precision are guaranteed through the pairing of the Optergy Air with the Optergy P864 edge controller.

“This provides users with control over their whole building to fully optimise building or facility performance,” says the company.

Optergy is also highlighting the “premium look and feel” of the sensor.

“This flexible solution can be placed on any surface and blend into any background with its stylish sleek design,” says the company. “Its long battery life and contemporary design ensures this will be a long-lasting sensor you can trust well into the future.”

The unit has been designed to place in locations as required.

“No more running cables,” says Optergy. “Installation is easy with one click, no software or training required. Simple pairing and commissioning procedures support a more succinct and simplistic workflow.”

Because of its wireless nature, the sensor can also be easily moved when building occupants change their office spaces.

“Designed to be moved, the Optergy Air’s flexible nature means tenants can efficiently retrofit their space to best suit their requirements without causing issues for building owners.”

The Optergy Air wall sensor can be monitored from the building management system (BMS), and information from various buildings can offer insights for a more effective, sustainable approach to building performance.


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