The federal government has published the sixth edition of Your Home, an independent guide to environmentally sustainable homes.

Your Home provides advice on designs, materials and appliances that can make homes more comfortable and sustainable when building, buying or renovating. Written by more than 50 experts in building design and construction, it contains the latest details on emerging energy efficiency technologies, sustainable design practices, and construction systems for the residential building sector. The information is relevant across all states and territories, and includes references to Australian Standards and the National Construction Code.

The latest edition of Your Home includes new and updated content on technological advances in building and design including batteries, solar PV, roof and wall insulation, cladding systems, lighting and appliances.

New information covers building in bushfire-prone areas, how to achieve Passive House standards, building using hemp masonry, and the latest information on renewable materials and energy systems. There is also updated guidance on condensation and airtightness, energy efficiency in apartments and common-area upgrades, as well as building homes that are resilient to a changing climate.

New case studies, images and diagrams cover the latest information on cladding systems, insulation, retrofitting and renovating to improve thermal performance, and building for adaptability and resilience to weather extremes. And both the book and website have undergone a full edit and design refresh to make information easier to read and find.

Your Home is available free online, or can be purchased as a hard-copy book. For more information, go to yourhome.gov.au


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