As part of its overall strategy to deliver increased value to the HVAC market, Masterflow has recently secured the distributorship of Alfa Laval heat exchangers.

“Alfa Laval is world-renowned for its century-old approach to optimised designs and AHRI-certificated plate heat exchangers,” Masterflow says.

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Masterflow has grown to become a leading supplier of capital equipment to the Australian HVAC market.

“We’re excited to have the Alfa Laval range of heat exchangers in our portfolio,” said one of Masterflow’s leadership team. “It takes yet another procurement headache away from our customers, in being able to deal with a single supplier for multiple items.”

Masterflow says Alfa Laval’s reputation for innovation was one of things that attracted it to the brand.

“What makes Alfa Laval such a strong name is its leadership in innovation,” Masteflow says. “Consider the T series of plate heat exchangers, and the intricate details Alfa Laval have worked on to make them easier to maintain.”

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