Mammoth Fans has developed new high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fans for large residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company says that, unlike other HVLS fans on the market, the Mammoth range features world-class permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) technology.

“PMSM technology is one of the most advanced examples of fan engineering on the market today,” says Mammoth Fans. “Compared with traditional brush and AC motors, the permanent magnet synchronous motor provides a larger, more comfortable air volume that is both dynamic and quiet.

“The airflow from Mammoth Fans is considered dynamic as it feels like a natural breeze increasing and decreasing the air volume, compared to other fans and air conditioners that can feel artificial, and consistent blowing of air which can be uncomfortable.”

According to the company the Mammoth Fan range is energy efficient and comes in various sizes to suit multiple projects. They also feature varying speed options and an efficient design with minimum maintenance.

The motors in the Mammoth Fan range do not have a gearbox, reducing maintenance.

“Maintaining cooling systems with traditional gear drives can be costly and time consuming,” says Mammoth Fans. “But thanks to the technology of the PMSM, electromagnetic interaction and bearing transmission, plus the advanced air-cooled design of the Mammoth motor, simple maintenance of cleaning the blades and checking all support wires, blade bolts are tightened is all the maintenance required. The Mammoth Fan is virtually maintenance free.”

The fans range from 2.5–7.3m in size and are backed by a five-year warranty. Mammoth Fans are available exclusively through Beacon Commercial.


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