H&V News’ first summit of 2022 will hear from those involved in the development of the policy, technology and services needed to make buildings safer, greener and better


The Better Buildings Summit will be held online one week today. A major focus of the full day Summit, starting at 10am on 29 March, will be the implications of June’s uplift to the Building Regulations and wider industry ambitions for a holistic improvement in building efficiency and occupant wellbeing.

Peter Rankin, head of environmental standards for the UK Government’s Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, will open the summit with a talk on the government’s planned changes to standards and how a ‘good building’ should operate.

The discussion will also look at how these reforms are intended to drive a lasting culture change to deliver healthier indoor environments that also can address the UK’s 2050 net zero carbon target that is now enshrined in law.

Part of the operational requirements to meet these new regulations will be about ensuring sufficient levels of ventilation are being delivered in line with a demand for more energy efficient and airtight buildings.

The summit will look specifically at what we should consider the ‘new normal’ for indoor air quality standards as a means to limit airborne infection risks and improve the overall wellbeing of occupants.  What also will the appointment of a new building safety regulator mean for the enforcement of better IAQ, if at all?

An expert panel will join us to discuss these issues and what the benchmark for better IAQ should be.  This panel includes Orlaith Gillen, Air to Air account manager for Panasonic Ireland, Laura Mansel-Thomas, senior partner at Ingleton Wood, Adam Taylor or ARM Environments, and Colin Timmins, building technologies director for industry body BEAMA.

In keeping with the summit’s theme of holistic change, the event programme will also consider how the sector can better understand and benefit from effective monitoring of vital building systems and then use this system data to uphold operational efficiency in the longer-term.

There will of course be the opportunity for our audience to put their own questions about this proposed new era of standards and regulation.

You can sign-up to take part or view the panel sessions online at summit.hvnplus.co.uk.


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