New service promise ‘energy-efficient, turnkey clean air outcomes with an innovative financing model’

Diverse manufacturer Johnson Controls has unveiled what it claims is the first full ‘IAQ as a Service’ offering, provided to subscribers for a monthly fee.  The offering, based on the firm’s OpenBlue platform and launching globally in February, draws on its ability to provide a wide range of its air movement and monitoring technology together with what it calls ‘science-backed expertise’.

IAQ as a Service comprises an assessment of the building’s air quality and identification of risks, followed by installation of its ventilation and monitoring products

It says this type of package will help customers to meet complex health and safety compliance, while improving occupants’ comfort and productivity, with the monthly financing model lowering inherent risk and removing upfront capital outlay for the installation.

The IAQ offering comprises five stages:

  • IAQ assessments– Together with independent safety science group UL, Johnson Controls will use ‘a combination of science and technology’ to assess indoor air quality, pinpoint areas of risk and determine benchmarks that support better IAQ, energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • Solution application– Based on the results of the assessment, the firm will apply IAQ sensors and air movement technology required to meet the customer’s required outcomes. The OpenBlue technology delivers all critical IAQ information in one centralised place, making it easy to control devices, display IAQ data and identify trends, the firm says, along with providing AI-powered recommendations for improvements.
  • Remote monitoring and advisory – The manufacturer will use its network of Remote Operations Centres to provide round-the-clock monitoring of the air quality.
  • Annual IAQ reassessment – The firm says that in acknowledgement of the dynamic nature of all buildings, it will provide an annual reassessment of the measures
  • Financing– The monthly model will enable customers to manage the cost of their IAQ responsibilities, Johnson Controls says: “Since the model is scalable, we can help organisations shift their operational models from being COVID-19-reactive to productivity-proactive to meet longer-term goals.”

Ganesh Ramaswamy, vice president and president, Global Services said: “WE believe the best healthy buildings strategy is a holistic one. This suite of offerings delivers the market’s most comprehensive portfolio of solutions, plus expert guidance, to help customers cut building costs, raise productivity and exploit new revenue opportunities…”

Tyler Smith, executive director, Healthy Buildings at Johnson Controls added: “Our offering not only enables organisations to keep building occupants safe and healthy indoors in the face of evolving health and compliance regulations, but also empowers organisations to commit to more environmentally sustainable projects by delivering a solution that will also reduce energy use.”


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