Air conditioner with Italian flag on the wall. House climate control system in Italy, concept. 3D rendering

ITALY: Sales of Italian-manufactured refrigeration and air conditioning equipment rose by 11% in 2021 to around €825m, while the total Italian market exceeded €2,260m, up 37% over 2020.

The figures contained in the latest statistical survey from the Italian manufacturers’ group Assoclima showed all sectors growing in 2021, with record numbers for heat pumps and hybrid systems.

The survey is based on the returns from 48 Italian companies and covers production, import, export and Italian market data of room air conditioners, split, multisplit and VRF systems, packaged and roof top air conditioners, heat pumps and air and water cooled chillers, air handling units, controlled mechanical ventilation systems, terminal units, hybrid systems and equipment for the production of domestic hot water.

Although an increase over a Covid-19 2020, might nor be unexpected, the figures  reveal that  domestic production in 2021 was also up 4% on 2019, and the total market up 33% on 2019.

The Assoclima survey shows a 24% increase in volume and value for monosplits, and a19% increase in volume and 28% increase in value for multisplits. VRF systems were also up 26% by volume and 27% by value in 2021, and packaged air conditioners 3% by volume and 6% by value. 

Portable air conditioners were down 12% in volume and 10% in value compared to 2020, while roof top air conditioners gained in value by 7.7% but were down in numbers by 1.4%.

There were large gains in the hydronic sector, where heat pumps and air-cooled chillers recorded increases of 120% in volume and 130% in value in the segment up to 17kW. Strong performances were also recorded in the 18 to 50kW range (+29% in volume and +27% in value) and from 51 to 1500kW (+6% in volume and value), which led to closing year 2021 with growth of 98% in volume and 62% in value. The lion’s share once again came from heat pump systems, with overall increases of 108% in volume and 80% in value.

A similar trend, but with smaller numbers, was recorded for heat pumps and water-cooled chillers – up 12% in volume and 14% in value for sizes up to 17kW, +6% and +13% for the 18 to 50kW range and up 22% and 31% for equipment up to 1500kW.

Overall, Italy’s sales of air-to-water and water-to-water heat pumps returned record percentage increases of 107% in volume and 77% in value. The results were even more striking for hybrid systems, with an increase of 352% in volume and 390% in value compared to 2020.

Numbers were also up for air handling units (+14% by volume and +17% by value), and fan coils, cassette and hi-wall (+39% by volume and +46% by value).


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