Domestic heating specialist expects to begin offering hydrogen-ready boilers within three years alongside heat pumps to help industry shift away from fossil fuel systems

Baxi expects to begin offering hydrogen-ready boilers in the UK by 2025 at the latest.

The manufacturer, which is part of the BDR Thermea Group that includes heating brands such as commercial specialist Remeha, said the commitment reflected a wider industry shift away from providing fossil fuel heating for homes.

Jeff House, head of external affairs at Baxi Heating UK, said the company aimed to end the sale of all heating technologies that are not designed specifically for low carbon fuels by 2025.

He added, “So these low carbon fuels are going to include electrically driven products such as heat pumps and direct electric, but also hydrogen-ready appliances.”

“So we will be out there with hydrogen-ready by 2025 if not before.”

Mr House noted during a Q+A session late last year that the planned move to hydrogen-ready systems would mark an end to Baxi providing “traditional” boilers – a term used to describe systems that are exclusively designed to run on fossil fuels.

However, the company was yet to set an exact date for when it may launch its hydrogen-ready boilers. These are systems designed to initially run on the existing natural gas grid supply before then being converted to run on 100 per cent hydrogen by a trained engineer.

Fossil fuel future

There are presently no plans to ban existing natural gas boilers from sale within the UK. The government last year said it was committed instead to phase out installation of these systems up to 2035.

As a broad target and deadline, Mr House said that the UK’s 2035 target was likely to change over the next 13 years.

He said, “I think pretty much anything in the Heat and Buildings Strategy that is six or seven years out or more is perhaps a little bit subject to tinkering in the future.”

“But the direction is very clear, if we are going to have any sort of hope to achieve net zero or keeping 1.5 deg C or 2 deg C [maximum global temperature change] alive then this has got to happen and I think the market understands that.”

Getting ‘hydrogen-ready’

A number of major boiler manufacturers operating in the UK have pledged to introduce hydrogen-ready boiler models at the same cost of their existing natural gas systems. This is intended to ensure households can switch over to fully hydrogen what if the government decides that there is a strong technical case to use the gas for domestic heat during the current decade.

A decision on the domestic use of hydrogen heat is set to be made in 2026. Meanwhile, the UK Government has committed to drastically expand heat pump use in UK homes with plans for 600,000 systems to be installed annually from 2028.


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