Safety and design specialists will be taking questions at summit on 29 March as part of a panel looking at incoming changes to fire safety and efficiency standards in buildings

Changes to the Building Regulations and safety legislation that are expected from this year will have major implications for the enforcement of stricter energy efficiency and fire safety standards.

The H&V News 2022 Better Buildings Summit will therefore be looking directly at how the HVAC and wider building engineering sector should prepare for upcoming amendments to how buildings are designed and perform.  The online event, which is free to join, is taking place from 10am on Tuesday 29 March.

On the theme of fire safety specifically, the summit will be hosting an expert panel discussion about the changing requirements and responsibilities for building engineers and designers following on from the Grenfell Tower that was almost fire five years ago.

H&V News will be joined by Rebecca Crosland, head of health and safety with industry body BESA, and Adam Eaton, technical director for design consultancy Hydrock, to talk about ensuring the sector can start to meaningfully address fire safety failings.

The discussion will look at the worth of value engineering on the wider construction sector and how the industry can build a better understanding of the impact that installing and maintaining different building systems can have on the overall fire safety of homes and buildings.

The panel will be asked about changing attitudes to health and safety in the sector, particularly with work already underway to introduce a new building safety regulator in the country.

They will also examine the lessons from the first phase of the Grenfell Inquiry and whether this is having an impact in improving collaboration between construction parties to limit fire safety failings.

Summit programme

The fire safety session will be part of a full day of events during the summit that will also look at how the construction sector can begin to take a holistic approach to making buildings that are not only safer and more efficient, but can also tackle issues of occupant comfort and ‘wellness’.

You can find more details on the event, and how to sign up for free here


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