Potable hot water solutions from Oventrop are now available in Australia.

“The most hygienic, commercially economical potable hot water plants that the HVAC market can easily understand, install and maintain,” Oventrop says of the products.

“Our Watermarked Regumaq and Regudis station technology provide scalable instantaneous hot water from two to 500 litres per minute via centralised hot water buffer tanks. These buffer tanks are well suited to the technologies of heat pumps that the HVAC industry knows like the back of its hands. Should there be any other means of heat generation available to the building, we can easily store it within the buffer tanks as additional heat and draw upon it like a rechargeable battery system.

“Oventrop and its trusted local partners provide free hot water system design and schematical drafting services via OV Assist, enabling your business to take on hot water system retrofits or new-build installations. The knowledge and expertise of how air conditioning works for cooling and heating purposes within your business, are easily transferable to potable hot water heat pumps and gas boiler plants with Oventrop station technologies.

“With climate change targets warming up, we all know heat pumps are the new energy source for potable hot water at home. Now Oventrop enables you to take your preferred heat pump or gas boiler supplier into the potable hot water industry and provide a simple hot- and cold-water connection point for plumbing services. This leaves everything upstream of the hot water plant to the plumber who knows his hydraulic pipe and fixture requirements.”

Interested to know more? Contact Rob Willing on 1300 MY OV AU (696 828) or email ovassist@oventrop.com.au


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