BEIS has retained the existing third-party management team from its previous flagship heat network incentive to oversee new fund focused specifically on lower carbon technologies

The Triple Point Heat Networks Investment Management group has been reappointed by the government to oversee the new Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF) that is set to launch this month.

Applications for the first round of the £288m fund are set to open on 14 March with the Triple Point team, made up of six organisations including consultancy Gemserv, AECOM, Lux Nova Partners and Asteros Advisors expected to lead the programme up to 2025.

The GHNF is a direct replacement of the previous Heat Network Investment Project (HNIP) that was introduced to expand the role of district heating and cooling systems to support the UK’s decarbonisation targets.

A particular focus of the new fund will be to support the integration of heat pumps, along with solar and geothermal energy, in both new and existing heat networks.

Triple Point and its partners said their continued partnership with BEIS would look to ensure the development of a self-sustaining heat network market by working with individuals across the current supply chain.

Ken Hunnisett, project director with Triple Point, welcomed the decision to reappoint the group to oversee the government’s flagship heat networks incentive to support a mixed technology approach to decarbonising homes and other buildings.

He said, “Heat networks are complex infrastructure projects, but the team has demonstrated an ability to inject real immediacy into their development and will continue to do so.”

“District heating, like other clean energy vectors, has a vital role to play in levelling-up communities and driving out place-based inequalities.”

Gemserv, which is part of the management scheme for the new incentive, said it would be directly responsible for data processing and engaging with stakeholders looking to apply for the Green Heat Networks Fund.

This will involve reaching out and working with public, private and third sector, non-profit projects that are seeking funding to develop or expand heat network systems.

James Higgins, a partner with Gemserv, said the organisation was delighted to remain part of the partner group to manage the GHNF.

He added, “The transformation of the UK’s heat network market is a key part of the transition to net zero and whilst it has been a pleasure to have played a part in the journey so far, we know the real work is only just beginning. We’re looking forward to inviting projects to apply for support.”

BEIS announced in October 2021 that it had also appointed Gemserv to be the delivery partner for its Heat Network Efficiency Scheme Demonstrator.

It is estimated that there are some 14,000 heat networks in operation across the UK currently supplying heat and hot water to 480,000 end users, according to the government. While this covers around two per cent of heat demand nationally, the independent Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has previously predicted that up to 42 per cent of national heating needs could be met by heat networks by 2050 with sufficient support.


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