The Refrigerating Association of Ukraine has issued an open letter calling for the global HVAC&R sector to provide its support in the face of the ongoing Russian invasion.

The letter, written by Association Chairman Serhii Anashkin, appeals to manufacturers of HVAC&R equipment and refrigerant, as well as experts and participants in the industry to block supplies of equipment, components and technologies, including IT support, to both Russia and Belarus.

“Refrigeration technologies are used in missiles to cool rocket fuel, missile warheads (chargers), on ships and military equipment to cool their engines and crews, at military warehouses and weapons plants,” writes Anashkin.

He calls on the world’s governments, companies and businesspeople to support his country by:

  • Completely interrupting supply chains to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus for all HVAC&R equipment; refrigerants and raw materials used in equipment; electronic products and their components; and software for HVAC&R equipment
  • To offer any options for humanitarian aid
  • To be understanding of the situation that Ukrainian businesses find themselves in and provide the option of deferring payment for equipment and components
  • To not invest in projects related to Russia and Belarus.

“Please help us in this battle for European values and over the territory of Ukraine as an independent country,” writes Anashkin. “We will be grateful to those who will help us in these issues.”

Featured image from Tina Hartung at Unsplash


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