UK: Businesses with cold storage facilities are advised to act fast to access Climate Change Levy savings by joining the cold storage Climate Change Agreement (CCA).

The cold storage CCA is a voluntary agreement between government and industry that saves cold chain businesses more than £10m each year in return for meeting an energy efficiency target. 

The Cold Chain Federation manages the only CCA for the cold storage industry, which sees eligible businesses receive a discount on the Climate Change Levy. With the current CCA scheme already extended in 2020, new signatories will be able to benefit from the discount up to 2025 and possibly beyond: as well as opening the new application window, Government has also set out a proposal for the CCA to continue beyond 2025.

Applications to join the scheme need to be sent to the Cold Chain Federation by 25 February 2022. 

“More than 400 cold storage facilities across the UK are already signed up to the scheme, and the new application window is a chance for businesses who have opened new facilities in the last 18 months as well as those businesses not yet signed up to make important savings on their energy bills at a time when prices are spiralling,” said Cold Chain Federation policy director Tom Southall.

“The application window is only open for a limited time and whilst applying is straightforward, it does take time so we advise starting the process by the end of January. The Government proposals for a new CCA to follow the end of the current scheme are positive, so new signatories may also be able to access savings well beyond 2025.”

Those interested in joining the cold storage CCA can contact Tom Southall at: [email protected] (0118 988 4468), or complete the online registration of interest form at: www.coldchainfederation.org.uk/cca-registration-of-interest/

A business does not need to be a Cold Chain Federation member to apply, however members receive 50% off CCA administration fees as well as benefiting from the advice, insight, network and lobbying that the Federation delivers for its members.


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