Air Conditioners is used all over the world in various settings such as homes, offices, hospitals and other establishments. They can either be used commercially as a single unit that provides cooling throughout a large space or in a series of units that can be individually controlled by the user. In many cases, they can also be replaced with an A/C unit to provide more efficient cooling in areas where the A/C systems are not able to adequately cool. Air Conditioners is operated with the help of a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the air that circulates inside the building. Air Conditioners is usually run by gas or by electricity and sometimes both.


The basic functioning of all types of air-con units is based on an integrated heating/cooling system that involves heating sources with the help of a furnace and then cooling with the help of a blower. Air Conditioners also has the ability to regulate the external temperatures by use of variable speed fans. Air Conditioners works on the principle of principles similar to the circulation of air inside a closed container. This means that the air inside the enclosure undergoes heating at high velocities and then rapidly cooled by lower velocities. Since the source of energy for Air Conditioners is the same, whether it is heat coming from the sun or from the heating and cooling system of the HVAC system, they can be efficiently used to cool down cold areas of the house or office and warm up the warmer regions to give comfort to the occupants of the same space.


The use of air conditioners has given rise to an active form of HVAC termed “passive cooling” in which the system uses natural ventilation systems to maintain a constant internal temperature. These natural ventilation systems can be very effective in regulating the temperature of the interior space in a manner similar to passive cooling. Natural ventilation systems include the opening of windows and the venting of roof vents. In case of passive cooling, where the main source of heat in the room is from the heater itself, the air conditioning units are not required and heat dissipates automatically from the heater itself