NetStripes is hosting a digital marketing webinar on Wednesday, March 23, titled Social Media Marketing in 2022.

The webinar is a part of the Futurise Insights series, which integrates three stages of digital knowledge and skills enhancement for small and medium business owners. The series will explore current market trends, consumer buying behaviour and how to increase digital awareness.

The first session specifically focuses on increasing social media engagement by reaching the right audience, and how to leverage trends to achieve greater results.

Topics include:

  • Setting social media goals
  • Social platforms to focus on in 2022
  • How to nail your target audience
  • How to outsmart your competitors
  • Tips for creating engaging content
  • Be data smart – how to review, improve and grow your business
  • Success stories.

For more information and to register, please click here.

Further Futurise Insights webinars are also planned, so check the website for more dates.


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