Amid greater general interest in measuring indoor air quality, Dwyer Instruments has launched its Series PMI particulate matter transmitter.

The transmitter is designed to measure indoor air quality by detecting particulate matter in an office environment or HVAC duct.

According to Dwyer, the Series PMI uses laser scattering technology to measure particles as small as 0.3µm, making it an important component of any indoor air quality monitoring system. The optional relay combined with the settable alarm and control parameters allow the Series PMI to be a stand-alone controller.

“The Series PMI maintains healthy air supply with long-term stability and accuracy,” says Dwyer. “It is particulate matter application independent, as duct- and wall-mount units are available. It is also low maintenance, with 10 years of service life in auto mode.”

Overvoltage protection is included for minimal downtime, and optional integral display and buttons facilitate setup.

The product is suitable for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, corporate offices, hotels/restaurants and air purifiers.

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