Friedrich’s re-engineered product lines featuring FastPro makes “going ductless” quicker and easier than ever before

SAN ANTONIO, Texas–As a highly efficient, all-season HVAC solution, ductless systems are increasingly popular for conditioning air faster, maintaining accurate temperatures and reducing energy costs. Now, Friedrich Air Conditioning Co., a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of heating, cooling and other air conditioning products, is making installation and servicing residential and commercial ductless systems easier than ever.

Launching at 2019 AHR Expo, Friedrich’s re-engineered Floating Air Pro® and Floating Air Premier ductless solutions featuring FastPro™ are designed with the HVAC contractor and installer in mind. Friedrich FastPro makes ductless installation and maintenance much simpler, opening up new business opportunities for the trade and decreasing the time needed to install ductless systems and perform maintenance by as much as 50 percent. It also reduces hassles, allowing contractors and installers to offer ongoing service and maintenance plans with confidence.

“Friedrich FastPro solves major pain points for the trades when it comes to ductless system installation and maintenance,” said TJ Wheeler, Friedrich Vice President of Marketing and Product Management. “Removing these barriers will help continue to accelerate ductless system adoption while opening up ongoing service contract revenue streams for contractors.”

Friedrich FastPro reduces complications by allowing the interior unit’s blower wheel and drain pan module to be removed and re-installed as one component versus having to perform multiple steps. Given that ductless systems can be configured with multiple indoor units, this is a major time-saver that also decreases the chance of mistakes or missed steps. It also helps ensure customer satisfaction.

“Let’s face it, most customers would prefer not to have their system down for the day while needed maintenance is performed,” said Wheeler. “FastPro is convenient not only for the contractor, but it gets customers up and running quickly as well.”

For both the trades and ductless customers, maintenance is key to ensuring ductless system equipment operates at peak performance. Removing dust, dirt and mold from the blower wheel, drain pan and vanes can prevent it from circulating into the room and maximize ductless efficiencies. Friedrich recommends scheduled maintenance at least every six months and more frequently in areas where equipment is running day in and day out.

About Friedrich Air Conditioning Co.
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