Manufacturer says connected assets collaboration with Siemens will give customers streamlined solution

Heating and cooling engineering firm Clade has expanded its factory in Morley, Leeds to meet increased production of its natural refrigerant heat pumps. The firm, which has built a 30-year pedigree in the refrigeration sector, believes that the demand for CO2 heat pumps, particularly above 50 kW will create up to 300 jobs over five years.

The 29,000 sq foot factory has already created 30 new jobs and will enable Clade to increase current heat pump production by 400 per cent, bringing additional benefits for the entire supply chain the company says.

Chief Markets Officer Tim Rook said: “Decarbonising heat is one of the most effective ways to reduce emissions in the race to Net Zero and natural refrigerant heat pumps are the future of green heating. This expansion puts us at the forefront of innovation, supporting the UKs ambition to become a global leader in green heating technologies.”

Managing director Dean Frost said “The extended facility in Leeds gives Clade the ideal setting to showcase our manufacturing processes and our completed plant. We remain committed to building equipment which uses natural refrigerant as the working fluid and can now build at scale to meet the demands of both our refrigeration and heating customers.”

Mr Rook added: “Heat is 40 per cent of the UKs carbon footprint and heat pumps are the only viable solution, readily available and able to be deployed at scale quickly enough to make a difference.”

The company believes that the development of digital controls to leverage grid flexibility is essential to larger-scale heat pump installation, and it has partnered with Siemens to develop connected assets, based on cloud computing. Mr Rook said: “We think commercial buildings below 500 kW capacity can benefit massively from demand-response, potentially saving 25 per cent from their electricity bill.”


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