Air Conditioners, also known as “Split-Systems”, is made up of a single set of units. Air Conditioners, also known as” Split-Systems”, is known as “split-type systems” because usually there is an indoor unit (either the condenser or the evaporator) and an outdoor unit (“the cooling tower”. These two units usually work together to achieve the main purpose of cool an interior’s room while also dehumidify it.) This dehumidification takes place just like the process of de-humidifying the house.


The most common split-type air conditioning/heating systems are the split-systems with an open vent, the split-system with an indirect air inlet (one that is not directly connected to the heating and cooling system), and the heat pump split-type AC systems. The reason why heat pumps AC systems are more efficient than the other types is because it uses the momentum of moving air, instead of gravity. Heat pumps use the principle of “natural convection”, which is a principle that involves a stagnant body of water and a moving, heated object. In the case of the heat pump, the object being heated is placed in the circulating air. The heated object will warm up as it passes through the air, which then makes the moving air turn the water, which is then cooled by the flowing air. Due to the fact that heat pump uses the motion of the air to make its energy, and the fact that it is stationary unlike the evaporative cooling towers, the AC system is more efficient in terms of energy consumption.


Split-type air conditioners and ductless cooling systems require a lot of maintenance and servicing compared to other types. These units must be regularly cleaned to prevent build-up of dirt and dust, which can decrease its efficiency. Air conditioners and heat pumps also need to be repairing occasionally, especially the air conditioning systems, since they can experience malfunctions due to problems with the wiring, humidifiers and condensers, to name just a few. Since they are used in high-humidity environments, it is best to regularly service your indoor units in order to minimize energy consumption.