Camfil’s Kaire Unit has been named AIRAH 2021 Product of the Year –  a prestigious, peer-reviewed award recognising excellence in product manufacture within the Australian HVAC&R industry.

This Australian designed and manufactured multi-staged, combination filtration system was designed to control light to heavy kitchen exhaust emissions (smoke, grease and cooking odours) for all types of commercial cooking applications.

The Kaire Unit incorporates three stages of particulate filtration using custom-designed mechanical filters to deliver effective filtration of kitchen exhaust emissions with increasing efficiency through each stage at a minimal cost. A final gaseous filtration stage uses activated carbon media to remove odours.

With restricted space in buildings, it can be advantageous to horizontally discharge kitchen exhaust instead of vertically above the roof line. But horizontally discharged kitchen effluent requires an engineered solution to remove particulates and odour, as per Australian Standards (NCC, AS 1668.1:2012 and AS 1668.2:2012). The Kaire Unit achieves this with staged particulate filters and activated carbon media.

Designed to operate at 1.85m/s, the Kaire Unit delivers a minimum 0.3 micron particulate removal efficiency of 95%+ (EN 1822- 5:2009) and an initial contact efficiency of 98%+ with odours.

According to Camfil, the Kaire Unit stands out from alternative HVAC industry offerings such as filter frames mounted in ductwork due to its build quality, customisability, range of sizes and purpose-built filters for kitchen effluent – grease, smoke and odour. 

“This system is a relatively low CAPEX expense and reduces OPEX,” says Camfil. “Maintenance costs and time are reduced as the filters can be quickly changed rather than spending a significant amount on labour and time cleaning ESP cells.  An optional range of integrated inline fan systems that match perfectly with the Kaire Unit also reduce installation time and eliminate the need for separate fan selections by clients.

“Since its product launch in 2016, the Kaire Unit has gone through several revisions and improvements to become the go-to, deemed to satisfy solution for the economical filtration of commercial kitchen exhaust to Australian standards.”

For more information on the Kaire Unit, click here. Kaire will be showcased on Camfil’s stand No 493 at ARBS 2022, August 16–18, 2022.

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