Australian company Astro Ceiling Access Panels has launched easy-to-install manholes for commercial properties, offices, hotels and more.

“Tired of tiles crumbling and making a mess?” asks the company. “Put more hours into your day with our easy-install access panels, designed to make your job safer and save you time. Our panels are designed to create a quick, easier and cleaner way to access your ceiling.

“After being in the air conditioning industry for more than 35 years, we distinctly remember the frustration of a particular job in a specialist’s office. Trying not to make a mess over the receptionist’s desk added time to the job. Feeling in the way and knowing that it was inconvenient for the staff made it a lot harder than it should have been.

“That’s why Astro Ceiling Access Panels has set out to fix the problem. By creating a product, never seen before in the marketplace, we help make accessing ceilings safer and easier for you or your workers, while creating less mess and disruption for your customers.”

Based on a patented design, the panels are made from extruded aluminium and open with a thumb screw. They are designed to fit grid ceiling systems and come in two standard sizes: full tile and half tile. The tiles themselves are not included.

Astro Ceiling Access Panels are designed, engineered and made in Australia and come with a two-year warranty.

Go to astroceilingaccesspanels.com.au


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