The Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) has appointed Alison Scotland as the organisation’s new Executive Director, effective from November 1. Scotland has been Interim Executive Director for the past four months.

ASBEC President, Ken Maher, has welcomed Scotland’s appointment, saying it marks the beginning of a new chapter for the organisation.

“The board is delighted to have secured a leader of Alison’s calibre to lead ASBEC into the 2020s,” he says.

“Alison brings a wealth of experience in strategic engagement, a strong grasp of policy and advocacy, and a track record of delivering transformational programs of work for both public and private organisations.

“Alison’s previous position – in a senior management role at Standards Australia – gave her the opportunity to engage deeply right across the Australian built environment sector. The ASBEC board is excited Alison will be channelling her passion for our industry, and her talent for engagement, coalition building and advocacy, into advancing ASBEC’s strategic priorities over coming years.”

Scotland is honoured to take on the role.

“Having the privilege of being ASBEC’s Interim Executive Director for the past four months, I am thrilled to continue supporting ASBEC’s members to ensure the built environment achieves great things for Australia’s ongoing sustainability, economic prosperity and resilience,” says Scotland.

“Collaboration is at the heart of what ASBEC does, bringing industry together with a broad cross-section of allies to drive change in the environmental performance of Australia’s built environment sector and successfully engage politicians and advisers at all levels to gain traction for ASBEC’s policy agenda.

“With the need for ambitious action on emissions reduction clearer than ever, the built environment sector presents some of the greatest opportunities for positive change. Leveraging the power of our collective voice has already achieved so much influence and impact. It is critical that we work together to build on this momentum.”


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