Recently, 10 fourth-year HVAC&R apprentices participated in the first round of the Kirby Apprentice Fund Naturals Training Scholarship Program.

The apprentices were selected from across mainland Australia.

Kirby Brand and Communications Manager Elizabeth Paparo, Affil.AIRAH, says the scholarship recipients were selected from a large pool of applicants. She says the 10 demonstrated a commitment to the environment, upskilling themselves, and learning more about what they all referenced as “the future of our industry”.

“They were an impressive group of young technicians who were excited to be a part of the program, appreciative and remained inquisitive throughout,” Paparo says.

As part of the program, the apprentices completed the CO2 units of competency required to qualify for Australian Refrigeration Council Green Scheme Accreditation.

The technicians also had hands-on experience within the Beijer Ref Training Academy, led by SCM REF Australia’s Inderpal Saund.

“The training facilities here at Beijer Ref allow participants to walk straight out of the classroom into the Academy,” Paparo says. “They can compare their theory notes with first-class subcritical, transcritical and combo rack assemblies.

“It was a unique opportunity to see the componentry up close and running, track the pipe runs, touch and feel the rack assemblies. They were also able to interact with and learn from a mobile CO2 training unit, created for the program.”

The scholarship program was supported by the ARC, Emerson Climate Technologies, and AIRAH.

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