AirSmart has launches its UVHealth product line developed to deal with indoor air quality. The BIO2000 and BIO1000 in-duct air purifiers are the first products to be released.

“UVHealth is driven by air that improves lives,” AirSmart says. “Many years in the making, UVHealth is the highlight of our passion for indoor air quality. Our mission is to improve indoor environments in the built environment – be those homes, workplaces, and public buildings.

“With the average adult spending up to 90 per cent of their time indoors, and consuming 11,000L of air per day, we have set out to ensure everyone has access to safe, clean and healthy indoor air.”

AIrSmart says that the BIO1000 and BIO2000 are in-duct air-cleaning and purifying solutions that “offer a new way to provide safer, cleaner and healthier” indoor air.

The company says a feature of the BIO2000 is “advanced three-stage” filtration to combat airborne virus, bacteria, mould, and odours commonly found in ventilation systems.

The three stages are UV-C, PCO (photocatalytic oxidation), and large carbon filtration.

“The BIO2000 in-duct design provides a focused environment to achieve fast and effective results directly in the air path of your ventilation system, minimising risks and maximising its effectiveness,” AirSmart says. “Boasting a market-leading UV-C intensity, greater PCO filtration capacity and large carbon filtration capacity and quick and simple installation, BIO2000 ensures the air you breathe is cleaner, safer and healthier.”

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