The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) – the body responsible for updating and maintaining the National Construction Code (NCC) – has appointed Gary Rake as CEO.

Rake comes to the ABCB with more than 25 years’ experience in senior positions across the public and private sectors. An economist and accountant by profession, his range of experience covers urban planning, asset management, financial management, human resources, consumer protection regulation, criminal and civil investigations, marketing and internal audit.

Previously, Rake has worked in the federal government as the national Chief Executive of the National Capital Authority and Chief Operating Officer of the Therapeutic Goods Administration. He has also held roles at the state and territory level, in the NSW government Office of Sport and the Chief Minister’s, Environment & Planning, Justice & Community Safety, and Community Services Directorates in the ACT government. As well as these government positions, Rake has worked in the banking industry and as a financial and project performance consultant.

Rake says he “enjoys grabbing the prickly problem that nobody else wants to touch” and is looking forward to close, collaborative discussions with all stakeholders interested in the work of the ABCB.

For more information and to read a short interview with Rake, click here.


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